Being creative when creating content

People are often overwhelmed by the subject of creating content, but when reduced creating content is all about being found. But as a small business how do you go about getting your website found? Well the answer is simple, be creative.

Everyone is intrigued by great content. Regardless of whether it is news, video, images or just a story someone tells you. It makes life go round, makes people laugh, cry and (to keeping to the online sphere) it makes people share.
By being creative with your content you are encouraging people to share (or link to it). Whether your content is useful information, attractive design, local services, great products or video it all can contribute.

Here are 3 ways to be creative with your content:

1. Be Social..
It’s difficult to ignore the clear influence of social media. Social Media is a tool to get your message or content out there. By making or creating content which fits with social sharing you get your customers or website visitors to get your message out there.

2. Create Something Different
If you are an authority in your industry then you should know your subject inside out. Create something that other people in your industry will find useful. Whether that is a online tool, ‘how to’ guide, downloadable invite or just a cool image with a message.

3. Listen To Your customers
It amazes me how many people ignore their most important resource, their customers. Your customers should always drive your business and should be used directly and as a test for any content you create. Talk directly to your customers find out exactly what they want then give this to them in the easiest and most straightforward way possible.


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