How to react to negative comments on social media

Just lately, I’ve had a few clients ask how to remove negative feedback from search engines and social media… advice here would be ‘don’t’!

It’s tempting I know, but  never remove a negative comment and don’t try to remove this feedback from your customers. The reason for this is because any feedback is valuable, it’s an opportunity to engage publicly with those people, just as you would if someone called you to complain about a service or product. With social media the level of customer service should be exactly the same, and not only is it an opportunity to satisfy those individuals and their complaints but it is also giving you the chance to showcase your service to everyone else that visits that page.

Offer an apology AND a solution:  The ‘We hear you and value our customers, we will make this right immediately’ approach. This is your opportunity to turn a disgruntled customer into your brand’s evangelist!  This person (or people) obviously had some sense of loyalty to your brand if they’ve spent their money with you, “liked” your Facebook fan page, and/or followed you on Twitter.  Now, however, they’ve had an unpleasant experience and usually they just want to know that they’ve been listened to and that you (the people behind the brand) will make things right.

When you deal with complaints effectively, disgruntled customers will tell their friends how brilliant your company is and what great customer service you offer. And they’ll encourage their friends to buy from you.  They have now become an evangelist for your brand.  Talk about powerful (and free) marketing! You’ve established brand loyalty and trust to a greater degree than you would’ve had if there had never been a complaint.

Just remember that no matter how fantastic your brand is, mistakes happen, customers get upset and complain.  With the growth of social media they now expect to be able to lodge these complaints – and get resolutions – via social networks. Think of it as an opportunity to prove how amazing your company is – or not.  It’s your choice.

Turn that negative into a positive would be my advice : )

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