Guide To Content Marketing

Give your business more authority by using advanced SEO- linking to other appropriate sites and to social networks to create buzz around your brand.

Onsite search engine optimisation focuses on the content of your own website and the technical aspects of how the site is constructed. Advanced SEO involves going offsite- using content marketing to get more exposure for your website, and hence increase its authority.

Google measures your website’s authority using a number of factors, such as how much you and your business/ brand are being talked about on social networks and elsewhere on the web, and how many other websites link to your site.

However, these need to be the right kind of links and they need to look natural. It’s no good rushing out and paying hundreds of low-quality irrelevant sites to link to you. What Google wants to see is content on third-party sites that is relevant to your industry/sector and links to your site and/or mentions your brand.

For example, if you were a photographer, your offsite campaign might involve:

  • Writing an article of your own about the latest developments in camera technology and having it published on a specialist photography website with a link back to your own site.
  • Arranging for a wedding planner who has their own blog to write an article on choosing a wedding photographer, publish it on their blog, and include a mention of your brand and/or a link to your website in the article.
  • Listing your site in relevant online directories.

As well as written content, you could also create infographics, video demonstrations, and image galleries to use in your content marketing campaign. The more interesting, useful and shareable your content is, the better.

An effective offsite SEO campaign has two benefits.

Firstly, it raises the profile of your business and means that potential customers might naturally come across you by discovering a link to your site while they are reading related sites on the web. And secondly, it will raise your profile in Google’s eyes and increase your chances of your website ranking highly in the search results for your chosen keywords.

Getting content created, and then finding bloggers and other website owners who are willing to publish your content, is a time-consuming and very manual process. It is not something that can be automated or rushed because it has to appear to Google that these links to your site, and the buzz around your brand, are developing naturally rather than because someone is forcing it to happen purely for SEO purposes.

That’s one of the reasons why SEO has to be viewed as a medium- to long-term strategy, rather than as something that will bring instant results.

However, once it has had time to get established, an effective SEO campaign, covering both onsite SEO and offsite SEO, will pay for itself in terms of the ongoing free traffic that you get from Google, and though the PR and brand-building that you get as a secondary benefit of the offsite SEO activity.

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