Richard Cliff

Marketing strategy | SEO | Project Management | Social Media

Cornish artist Richard Cliff specialises in marine and landscape water colours creating atmospheric and realistic images.

The purpose of the marketing consultation with Richard was to create a strategy to promote his work but also to demonstrate how the business intended to launch and trade. The consultation included a complete build of an overall business plan incorporating an achievable marketing plan with easy goals and aims. Some website changes were suggested as well as some tips on how to improve the website’s SEO. Richard has successfully positioned himself within the leading watercolour artists within Cornwall, with his paintings currently exhibited and sold within many Cornish art galleries, a great achievement in such a competitive market.

” As an artist and interior designer a lot of my time is spent by myself , working at what I do best. This can lead to one becoming introverted and cut off from the realities of the business world in which we must all compete. Charlie helped me to face up to those realities and make plans to maximise my work potential, which should lead to increased income and a happier life ! “

Richard Cliff, Founder.

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