Food art direction

I really enjoyed this project with the very talented photographer Lee Searle. Over the course of 5 photoshoots, we aimed to gather an image libary that best portrayed the food and drinks at the Polurrian On the lizard hotel. The images are used throughout marketing material, website and social media.

What is good design worth to you?

I am proud to have built a good network of talented graphic designers to work with who are worth their weight in gold and, though they have their own distinctive styles, always put my client’s vision first and strive to take initial seeds of ideas and turn them into things of beauty. I’m not going […]

Guide To Content Marketing

Give your business more authority by using advanced SEO- linking to other appropriate sites and to social networks to create buzz around your brand. Onsite search engine optimisation focuses on the content of your own website and the technical aspects of how the site is constructed. Advanced SEO involves going offsite- using content marketing to […]

Fitness Wild- Part two

Today I have come away with a new found respect for my 6yr old. The bear walk is as gruelling and tiresome as it sounds. Don’t worry we weren’t completely impersonating a bear – amateur dramatics style, roars and all, (but there were piggy, grunting noises coming from the girls on the dumbbells station). With […]

Fitness Wild-Part one

I was recently asked to write a blog for 4 weeks in the name of ‘Fitness’…..I decided to take the challenge on and joined a local strength and toning group Fitness Wild. December 1, 2015 #trysomethingactive, Making Fitness Fun I get bored quite fast. I think this is why I’ve never committed to a fitness […]

2016 Photoshoot for South Westerly

We had the most perfect day at the beginning of October, it looks ( and felt) like mid-summer. Perfect for a windbreak and deckchair photo-shoot! Thank you to all the models, you were excellent!  

Being creative when creating content

People are often overwhelmed by the subject of creating content, but when reduced creating content is all about being found. But as a small business how do you go about getting your website found? Well the answer is simple, be creative. Everyone is intrigued by great content. Regardless of whether it is news, video, images […]

How to use Facebook data to analyse your competitors

Imagine a world where you have access to your competitors’ databases, email statistics, ad budget data and analytics. What juicy insights could you extract?! The bad news: some dreams are not meant to be. The good news: social media opens another major channel for accessing tonnes of data about your competitors. Why? Because nearly all of their […]

Who Owns What You Post On Social Media?

You might be surprised…… Clicking the ‘yes’ button to indicate that you have read and agreed to a social media channel’s terms of use is, for most of us, often not quite true. The length and breadth of the legal speak involved sets up for failure – Facebook’s terms of service and data use, for […]