Fitness Wild-Part one

I was recently asked to write a blog for 4 weeks in the name of ‘Fitness’…..I decided to take the challenge on and joined a local strength and toning group Fitness Wild. December 1, 2015 #trysomethingactive, Making Fitness Fun I get bored quite fast. I think this is why I’ve never committed to a fitness […]

Being creative when creating content

People are often overwhelmed by the subject of creating content, but when reduced creating content is all about being found. But as a small business how do you go about getting your website found? Well the answer is simple, be creative. Everyone is intrigued by great content. Regardless of whether it is news, video, images […]

How to use Facebook data to analyse your competitors

Imagine a world where you have access to your competitors’ databases, email statistics, ad budget data and analytics. What juicy insights could you extract?! The bad news: some dreams are not meant to be. The good news: social media opens another major channel for accessing tonnes of data about your competitors. Why? Because nearly all of their […]