Bahama Mamas

Marketing Strategy | Planning | Website | Social Media | PR | Advertising

If you live locally, you’ll remember Cribbs Rum Bar in Falmouth town. It was a great bar and very popular, however wasn’t generating enough profit to be sustainable. So John Duncan (Owner) and I worked on a new business plan to meet the local markets needs, to entice and attract the growing student community within the area and of course provide somehwere new and funky for visitors to the town.

With Design agency Hooperberg and myself we brought together the brand of Bahama Mamas- a Tapas Bar | Coffee House | Kitchen

This was such an exciting project to work on as it was effectively a blank canvas to work from. I project managed the website build, set up and ran the social media platforms, launched the business with a party and local press, project managed numerous photo shoots and was a key part of the on and offline presence.

Now that the team are up to scratch, and the business is ticking along nicely, it’s time for me to move on : )

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