Cornish Holiday Cottages

Marketing Strategy | Planning

At Cornish Holiday Cottages they offer a boutique portfolio of properties in the cosmopolitan marina town of Falmouth and the romantic ‘Du Maurier’ setting of the Helford River and surrounding creek side locations.
Situated in the heart of Mawnan Smith village, their family business, founded in 1977 by Mrs Ruth Austen, works behind the scenes to provide the personal touches anyone would need.

Although very established as a well-known business within the area of Falmouth and Cornwall, every business will be in need of a marketing overhaul at some point. Some times it is well worth going through all marketing activity to date and decide what is working and what is not. This is exactly how I helped the staff at Cornish Holiday Cottages.

Once we had gone through all advertising and marketing campaigns so far, we quickly realised which publications were not creating a return on investment. With this knowledge we could then create an effective strategy forwards with different objectives to be met, like, how do we increase bookings in certain properties? How can we increase bookings at a certain time of year? Who is our target audience at this moment in time?

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