Fal Oysters

Social Media Strategy | Project Management

Fal Oysters was founded by Chris Ranger who has been catching oysters from his 1960’s sailboat Alf Smythers, using a 500-year-old dredging method since 2010. Chris has lived in Mylor for 4 years and has a crew of two men helping him. As¬†one of the youngest oystermen working the River Fal, he thoroughly enjoys his work and has put Falmouth on the map as one of the most highly regarded places to fish for oysters in the UK. Fal Oysters (PDO) are purified in Mylor before travelling ¬†locally as well as restaurants and hotels as far away as Lyon in France.

Chris contacted Aplomb for advice on the social media side to his business. Ultimately he needed more traffic to his website for online sales and promotion but also to create a Social PR campaign for the ‘Pop Up Gatherings’ he organises. This has been a really interesting project to work on and I’m thoroughly looking forward to future events!