ProCare Sports Medicine

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ProCare Sports Medicine- Where your physiotherapist merges with your personal trainer & where sport and fitness is a priority.

Andrew McCauley set up ProCare Sports Medicine back in September 2014 with the passion and drive to help people to get better, quite often against odds.

As well as a chartered physiotherapist, Andrew is an athletic development coach and takes great pride in educating his clients about their bodies, making them realise that they don’t have to be satisfied with what’s available to them already. If medication and surgery isn’t working, then he will help to improve that person’s life via sports physiotherapy as well as injury prevention.

Via UCP ( Unlocking Cornish Potential) Andrew and I worked together on a strategy for his official launch year, we discussed frameworks to gaining new clients and possible marketing tools to help him whilst building his business. Creating a database was key to future marketing initiatives.

ProCare Sports Medicine is now based in a swanky new studio on Jubilee Wharf, Penryn.

Facebook: ProCare Sports Medicine
Twitter: @mccauleyandrew